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My friend Kirulya, lives in Ashkelon. Today, they already have injured civilians.
All my Israeli friends are writing about these days are bomb shelters and defense alarm systems constantly going off.

Highest priority for Israeli army is to protect their citizens, that is why there are not so many civilians were killed or injured.

There is quiet opposite situation in Gaza. Terrorists specifically install their rocket launchers in a highly populated areas. They use civilians as a human shield. They knowingly put their women, children and elderly in a highest risk

People with different mentalities have different reactions on death and devastation. Palestinians are singing, dancing and celebrating possible deaths of their enemies. Israelis don't celebrate, they are deeply sadden by the fact that innocent Palestinian bystanders could become victims in crossfire.

Human life is worthless for Muslim fundamentalists. They burn their wives and daughters to death if there might be any doubt of dishonorable behavior. No proof needed. A head of the household can be a prosecutor, judge and an executioner at the same time.

Hospitals, kindergartens, apartment buildings or private houses are used as a disguise and a shield for military sights. Actually, it's quiet convenient. The more civilian victims, the more possibilities to show them off in front of a sympathizing media. In reality human life is worth nothing. Children are raised with an idea of honorable martyr death. They dream of blowing themselves up along with as many enemies as possible.

There are two different approaches to the problem. Palestinians want all the Jews to be dead. At least at the Middle East. Preferably everywhere. Jews want to be left alone. No more wars, no more killings, bombings, martyr mass murders at the public places.

Israelites treat Palestinian kids in their hospitals, educate them in their schools, collages and universities. Palestinians train snipers who can kill Jewish babies in their mothers arms from distance. They consider it as acts of heroism.

I have no doubts who are the victims and who are the cold blooded killers. It's very hard not to take sides during the war when your friends and family are being attacked. Also it's immoral to say "everyone is guilty" and to close you eyes to screaming facts. It is time to take sides, to supports those who only protect themselves. It's a war.

I want my friends to be alive, I want their kids to sleep peacefully in their beds, not to be waken up in a middle of the night by public defense alarms to go to bomb shelters. I want them to take a school bus without being afraid that some brain washed "martyr" picked today as a good day to join 72 virgins in paradise.

I want this nightmare to be over.

writer and blogger feruza from Moscow
translated by gipa

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