Кируля Аскалонская (kirulya) wrote,
Кируля Аскалонская

Как учить английский?

Я решила применить к изучению английского те же правила, что я даю для изучения иврита в своем учебнике.
И я просто стала вспоминать, что со мной случилось в течение дня.
Под катом немного на английском - не особо интересно.

I like to take photos. And I like astronomy. If I see the full moon in the sky. I take a photo.

I never stopped reading. Even now.

I downloaded a very old movie from 1964. Every day I watch a little of the movie.
At first I watched it with subtitles in Russian. After this I watched it with subtitles in English.
And every day I do my exercises in DuoLingo. On this site I have done my exercises for 56 days non-stop.
I want to know English. I think that people today must know 3 things: How to use a computer, how to speak English, and how to drive a car.

1 hour ago I told my son… He drove in his car from Palo Alto to Cupertino. We talked on Skype.
He told me about a new law in the state of Indiana. The new law says that every businessman…
He can refuse to do business with any client he doesn't like. Many companies are against this law.
The new law is against gays. His company is boycotting the state of Indiana because of the new law.
My son asked in his Twitter account, “What can an owner of a business do if a gay person doesn't say he is gay.” Purple Triangle
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