Кируля Аскалонская (kirulya) wrote,
Кируля Аскалонская

Про Красную Шапочку

Я тут решила соединить идиомы со сказкой и написала на английском Красную Шапочку. Конечно, подглядывала в источники, не без этого.
Мой учитель был в восторге.


Little Red Riding Hood lived in a wood with her mother. One day her mother asked her to visit to her grandmother. “It’s a piece of cake!” – answered Little Red Riding Hood. She put this cake in her basket and went to visit her granny. Little Red Riding Hood went to her granny because she loves her and the granny said to her that she was the apple of her eye.

Suddenly Little Red Riding Hood heard a rustling and she felt it in (her) bones. On her way, Little Red Riding Hood met a wolf. “Hello!” said the wolf. “Where are you going? ”"This is not your business!" – answered Little Red Riding Hood. "Why are you talking to me like that?" – asked the wolf, - "I only said hello to you". "Because a leopard cannot change its spots!” – answered Little Red Riding Hood. "I know you want to eat me, but you will bite off more than you can chew" and she ran like lightning to her grandmother’s house.

"Don’t judge a book by its cover, dear Little Red Riding Hood", - said the wolf. "Don’t count your chickens before they hatch". The wolf ran to Granny’s house and ate Granny up. He was foam at the mouth. He got into Granny’s bed because he wanted to walk a mile in the grandmother's shoes.

A little later, Little Red Riding Hood reached the house. "My life is rat race", - she said to herself, – "Every day I give my blood, sweat, and tears" and she entered the door.


She looked at the wolf. "Save your breath!" – said the wolf. "Did you bring me a piece of cake?" “Granny, what big eyes you have!”
"Curiosity killed the cat", - muttered the wolf and answered: “All the better to see you with!”

“Granny, what big ears you have!”
"The interesting questions are not your cup of tea" – said the wolf and added: "All the better to hear you with!”

“Granny, what a big nose you have!”
"Because I am Jewish"! – growl the wolf and added: “All the better to smell you with!”

“Granny, what big teeth you have!”
“Put a sock in it! All the better to eat you with!” shouted the wolf and he ate Little Red Riding Hood.

A woodcutter was in the wood. He was resting and wanted to start his work when pigs fly. He heard a loud scream and ran to the house. He saw that the wolf took everything but the kitchen sink. The woodcutter hit the wolf over the head. "What did you think about? You can’t take it with you!" The wolf opened his mouth wide, shouted and Granny with Little Red Riding Hood jumped out. The wolf ran away and Little Red Riding Hood never saw the wolf again. She did not know where was the wolf and where the bodies were buried.

Wrote by Kirulya

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