Кируля Аскалонская (kirulya) wrote,
Кируля Аскалонская

Пишу на английском

Помните историю о влюбленной соцработнице?
Вы мне здорово помогли. Спасибо!
Я собрала, проанализировала, и написала на английском.
Учитель рыдал от восторга.
В конце концов я добила его сюжетом о почке.
А вот и сам рассказ, зацените.

I thought a lot about what I can advise and I wrote this:

If he is a doctor and she is a social worker, she might help him with one of his difficult case patient situations. For example, she could help the patients find home care, physical therapy and housing. That way, she would be able to spend more time with him. If she wants him to love her, she must get him to notice her good qualities by spending more time together. If she does not do this, but tells him "I love you or I like you", it won't help.

She has to consider the tactics of non-intrusive communication, previously several times to meet him accidentally then to give him compliments on the situation. Men love compliments and flattery more than the ladies.

But first, she needs to check the rules of the hospital. There are hospitals which are forbidden romantic relationships between workers. IMHO this is not a good idea because if they break up, she will see him every day.

She needs to know which team he likes and to tell him that she likes them too. Then she might start a conversation about baseball and, by the way, to offer him to go to the game. "Hi, I have baseball tickets in the first row and my friend got sick. Do you want to go together?" This is what happens in the sitcoms. Baseball is a new religion. Who needs Jesus when there are the "Yankees"?

Maybe they went to the baseball game and he yelled like crazy, drank a lot of beer, dropped the hot dogs and ignored her. And then that she said to herself: "You are a stupid girl! Go back to work!"

There are also other ways. For example, she can sell an apartment in Chicago, hire the Italian mafia to kidnap the doctor, dress up as a cat-woman and send an email to him with their provocative photos. All of these methods I've seen on TV.

I would advise her to smile more often at him and to work out her butt on the treadmill in the gym. This position is a win-win anyway. No matter what will happen her amazing butt will remain.
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